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Wall Street Journal: Top Stories

  • The average tractor-trailer travels less than seven miles on a gallon of diesel, making it one of the least-efficient vehicles on the road. Spurred by pollution regulations and sluggish demand, truck makers are trying to change that.
  • A trio of Federal Reserve officials on Friday expressed openness to raising short-term interest rates again before year’s end, without committing to a move.
  • Born in the ashes of WWII, the secretive German supermarket chain Aldi offers shoppers limited choices and rock-bottom prices—a formula expected to roil an American grocery market already undergoing dramatic change.
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other officials are urging Mr. Trump to certify Iran’s compliance with the accord but make changes to it that would address U.S. concerns, while others like Sen. Tom Cotton want Mr. Trump to decertify Iran’s compliance and then pursue diplomatic efforts to fix the deal.
  • President Trump’s pledge to offer American companies more aggressive protection from foreign competition got fresh ammunition Friday, when a government board cleared the way for him to deploy a long-dormant legal weapon to restrict solar panel imports.
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